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National Parks & Wildlife Service is responsible for the enforcement of nature conservation legislation in Ireland. We protect Special Areas of Conservation, Special Protection Areas, and Natural Heritage Areas. We also manage, maintain and develop State-owned National Parks and Nature Reserves.

National Parks and Wildlife Service Education Centres aim to raise awareness of the natural world and the importance of conserving and protecting our biodiversity. The Education Programmes of the NPWS are provided through the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht.

National Parks and Wildlife Service offers a free education programme to interested groups in the North Midlands Region, which includes: South Leitrim, Roscommon, Longford, Cavan, Monaghan and Westmeath.

North Midlands Education Centre provides a variety of programmes and activities to the public.

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The North Midlands Education Centre,
The National Parks and Wildlife service,
Co. Sligo


National Parks & Wildlife Service, 7 Ely Place, Dublin 2. Phone: +353 1 8882000 Fax: +353 1 8883272